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Learn all about fishing rods by a master builder. Mental toughness and focus by a Navy SEAL & TOPGUN pilot

Story Time

Old 18 is founded by a US Navy SEAL and a TOPGUN fighter pilot, and we are accustomed to making our own path instead of following others.  After hearing what Jake thought about the cost of fishing, we teamed up to provide a solution.

We launched our own line of rods because we know that the blue-collar angler is being priced out of their hobby.

We don’t put our products in retail stores.  We don’t sponsor influencers.  By electing not to, we don’t have to mark up the rods just to pay the middle man. 

We are not small garage builders. With over 20 years of fishing rod manufacturing experience for many big name brands, Old 18 is currently making rods for more than 20 companies. 

We use the same materials that are in rods costing $200.

Our years of experience have resulted in a rugged graphite rod with components selected to last and to provide the best performance.

Our rods are built with knowledge gained from making thousands of them.  Coated stainless guides, deep drilled fighting butts, weight and balance that you won’t believe, and an ergonomic EVA handle with a textured grip inlay for more control. 

The name Old 18 comes from the men who fired the first shot in the Texas Revolution and inspired the Come and Take It flag.

In their spirit of conquering insurmountable odds against an oppressive opponent…We make this promise to you:

We will Get It Right & We will Make it Right

Randy Beausoleil

Social Prodigy and Explosives

Navy SEAL - 34 yrs

If the United States was fighting somewhere over the last 30 years ...Randy was there. Swimming, shooting, and blowing stuff up

"Lucky" Riley

Nerdery and Swag

TOPGUN pilot - 20 yrs

Lucky has flown the speed of sound, seen the blackness of space, and landed fighter jets on navy ships.

Jake Brewer

Fishing Mastermind and Mad Skills

Master Builder - 20 yrs

Having built for the biggest names in fishing, there's a good chance that Jake built your rod.
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