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The name Old 18 refers to the 18 men who fired the first shot in the Texas Revolution—delaying Mexican attempts to reclaim the town’s cannon until militiamen from surrounding settlements could be summoned and inspiring the “Come and Take It” flag.


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Old 18 was founded by a US Navy SEAL and a TOPGUN fighter pilot with this same fighting spirit and a single determination: to offer top of the line fishing gear at a revolutionary price.


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An industry price that we couldn’t stand for.

We love fishing. And we were tired of seeing the blue-collar angler being priced out of their hobby. So we decided to do something about it. We teamed up with industry expert and fishing mastermind Jake Brewer to launch our own line of rods that match the industry’s best.


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A smarter way of doing things.

By utilizing our own in-house high-quality craftsmanship, avoiding traditional retail channels, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to offer the same rods as the industry’s best at an industry-disrupting price.


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A challenge to the industry.

We believe that fishing is for everyone—not just for those who can afford to foot the fishing industry’s bill. In the spirit of the Old 18’s determination to face insurmountable odds, we invite you to join us in the fair price revolution.

Randy Beausoleil

Social Prodigy and Explosives

Navy SEAL - 34 yrs

If the United States was fighting somewhere over the last 30 years ...Randy was there. Swimming, shooting, and blowing stuff up

"Lucky" Riley

Nerdery and Swag

TOPGUN pilot - 20 yrs

Lucky has flown the speed of sound, seen the blackness of space, and landed fighter jets on navy ships.

Jake Brewer

Fishing Mastermind and Mad Skills

Master Builder - 20 yrs

Having built for the biggest names in fishing, there's a good chance that Jake built your rod.