Mental Coaching

mental toughness can be taught.

Do Fighter Pilots and SEALs have something others don’t?

Are you frustrated by reading books and attending seminars trying to discover why elite performers excel?

We’ll tell you how they do it and answer so many other questions that athletes struggle with.

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fight killers

[fahyt kil-ers] | noun

1. Thought betrayal. The distractions in your mind that prevent you from performing your best at the most important moment:

He choked because there were too many fight killers in his head.

Teachable Skills

We don’t just give theories. We teach real techniques that work and give insight as to how the mind works under pressure.

Credible Instruction

Learn from those that have been successful in the arena and know exactly what the pressure you're dealing with is like.

Total Investment

We are interested in your success and performance and we'll stay in touch to ensure that you achieve the results you desire.

Seminar Series

In Person or Video Conference

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Five sessions that give incredible insight into the minds of America’s most elite warriors and how they prepare for missions.

Learn mental toughness.

Fifty-four years of operating in combat environments gives Randy & Lucky a different insight into the world of competition. Give it a try …the advice is not what you are used to.


What are Fight Killers? Why should I care?
Learn about the most important factor to performing in any situation!
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