Old 18 Outfitters stands behind its products. We know you want to stay on the water and fish, so we are here to help. If there should failure of our rods blanks due to defects in materials or workmanship anytime in the first six months, then we’ll replace it with the same or a similar rod.

For all other parts (grips, reel seat, guides, etc), we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We’ll either repair or replace the defective part (depending on our determination of the cause) for as long as you own it. This only applies to the original purchaser.

Now, you also have to do your part. We at Old 18 Outfitters aren’t going to cover damage due to loss, accidental breaking, abuse, misuse, altercation, modifications, natural disaster, comets, meteors, zombie apocalypse, repair (other than performed by us), or modification. If you break it, and it wasn’t the result of material defects and/or workmanship, then you are responsible.

Old 18 Outfitters reserves the right to deny repair or replacement if we determine that the damage was caused by any of the above conditions.

• This applies especially to the tip of the rod. Under normal conditions, the tip of the rod is not under enough stress to break. Send us a rod with a broken tip and it is likely we will not repair it or replace it.

Old 18 Outfitters will do its best to repair or replace your rod in a timely manner. Some repairs take some time, so be patient.

On special edition rods, we may not be able to replace your defective rod (or part) with an exact duplicate (color and/or components may not match the original due to availability). We also reserve the right to replace any discontinued or special edition models with comparable models when necessary.

Note: We won’t warranty any repair attempted by any other facility or manufacturer.

Note: We won’t refund your money if you don’t catch any fish. Your inability is not our fault.


• Prove you purchased the rod directly from us by sending us a copy of your original receipt with the rod to be repaired or replaced. We do not warranty rods purchased second hand and the warranty is not transferrable.

• Include all of your contact info.

• Give us a note detailing the issue with the rod (if it’s not obvious).

• Rods submitted for warranty claims must be sent to Old 18 Outfitters in non-returnable, durable packaging along with the above information and a check or money order for $20.00 to cover return shipping and handling. All Rods should be insured when returning for warranty.

Note: We will not repair or replace a rod that was damaged during your shipment to us that relates to this warranty.

You will be notified of our warranty determination in a prompt and timely manner.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the rod and does not cover consequential damages due to the failure of the rod unless they are specifically included under various state laws.


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